First Model Sessions

ExtendSim and AnyLogic are pretty straight forward to learn, but often the quest for simulation skills is motivated by a very urgent need to make a critical business decision (like today!). Even a learning curve of a few weeks can be an obstacle and there are enough nuances to simulation development that any first model may be a risky source for good decision data.

This is where we can help. James Dailey & Associates offers a program where we collaborate with your team to build a great first model while at the same time develop your internal simulation skills. Working online with a screen share, we develop your required model "live", always taking time along the way to comment and discuss the techniques we are using in the software.

The result is an accurate, timely model for use in your current decision process, plus an internal team that really understands how your process is being represented in the software and is potentially ready for future projects. 

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We test your ideas with simulation

James Dailey & Associates

"I learn faster when doing a project that has 'real value' as opposed to taking a class. Especially in this situation where I can reference the model to learn how to do other things within the model."

Diana Dorough, Internal Consultant
Texas Industries
Dallas, Texas

First Model Sessions